Custom Metal Manufacturing and Integration

Equipment and Services

Our equipment

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality manufactured products. In order to do so, we have equipped our facility with STATE-OF-THE-ART-MACHINERY.


  • CNC punch presses
  • Stamping
  • Brake forming
  • Welding (spot, MIG, TIG, robotic)
  • Press-fit hardware
  • Machining


  • Mechanical
  • Electro-mechanical


  • Painting - powder and liquid
  • Silk-screening
  • Plating (sub-contracted)


  • Turnkey Operation
  • One-stop-shop - from CAD/CAM to assembly
  • 123,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing
  • Assistance in product engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Low and high volume production
  • In-house tool and die manufacturing
  • Just-In-Time production and delivery
  • Demand/Pull system
  • Ship to stock
  • Kanban
  • Long Term Agreements (LTA)

We are flexible. GFI offers the broadest range of services in the industry. Experience has taught us to listen carefully to our customers and find solutions to their needs.


Rapid prototyping. We have a separate department that handles only prototyping.


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ABB Electrification Canada Inc. - GFI Division
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Telephone: 514.630.4877
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